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  • Are you an actor that must project your voice to be heard, are you a musician trying to get a message across, maybe you are one voice in a church choir that needs to be heard, without the ability to reinforce sound sometimes our message will not get heard.


    This online course is designed to teach the student the fundamental skills needed to operate sound reinforcement systems and to understand the effect that the environment and the electronics play on what we hear.

  • Working on the stage can be a very dangerous place

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We know why you are here, you want to work on the stage, but you have already found out that jobs in this industry require special skills and talents. There are dozens of departments and crews that are needed to keep a production on the road, or a venue up and running.

Skills and expertise are required in Audio, Backline Tech., Carpentry, Electrics, Lighting, Rigging, Construction and even knots, just to name a few. For years in this industry these skills and tricks were well kept secrects, by those that fought to keep their own jobs.

Consequently, there are fewer and fewer trained stagehands to work in venues, and roadies to keep touring shows on the road.

The founders of Brown Dogs’ Roadie School have a combined experience of over 60 years  working with professional productions and have developed this school to introduce you the skills required to work in this industry.

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